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Commitment to Our Patients
1.  Our personal concern; your health, our reputation.  Therefore we accept only those
patients whom we sincerely believe we can help return to normal activity levels.

2.  We are committed to delivering patient care with compassion and respect. 
3.  We are committed to explaining their condition and directing them to informed
decisions about their treatment options.  We use the Ask Me 3 (
approach.  We encourage you to understand the answers to 3 questions:

     A.  What is my main problem?
     B.  What do I need to do?
     C.  Why is it important for me to do this?

4.  We are committed to understanding and communicating with our patients, and
making our patients central to everything we do; knowing they are the reason for our
continued practice growth and reputation. 
5.  We are committed to continuously improving our services to our patients. 
6.  We are committed to delivering patient care that is cost appropriate, timely, and
responsive to our patients’ changing needs and demands.

To Our Patients
We are proud to introduce the Chiropractic Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Center, which
we feel is a new approach in our community toward the management of painful
neuromusculoskeletal disorders.  Our treatment philosophy is based on evidence that
the great majority of painful neuromusculoskeletal conditions are benign and can have
successful outcomes.  Therefore, our standardized, symptom and evidenced-based
treatment plans minimize extensive diagnostic tests and unproved treatment modalities,
while improving patient outcomes and controlling costs.

Patients referred to the Chiropractic Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Center undergo an
extensive initial interview (including mandated insurance carrier forms) and physical
examination.  X-rays, MRI's and other diagnostic testing are not ordered on a routine
basis.  An individualized treatment plan, based on the patient's complaints, outcome
assessments and physical findings, is instituted with follow-up visits, if necessary.
Periodic re-examinations and serial outcome assessments are performed.  Specific
interventions, such as physical modalities and procedures, are ordered when indicated
and are closely monitored.  Since the treatment of painful spinal and articulation (joint)
disorders can be complex and does not follow the traditional medical model for
diagnosis and treatment, the Chiropractic Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Center offers a
multi-disciplinary approach.  Through appropriate referrals to other specialists within
your specific insurance plan, which include the combined disciplines of occupational
medicine, physical medicine, neurology, physical therapy and psychology, we are able
to provide a full range of treatment options when necessary.

In this day of managed care,  we realize the importance of controlling costs while
offering optimum care. This Center has in place a problem list system and outcome
assessment tools to track not only our patient outcomes, but also the cost of treatment.
Quality care does not have to be expensive.  With these goals in mind, we intend to
deliver the best, most cost-effective care for the treatment of painful
neuromusculoskeletal disorders to allow our patients to attain the earliest possible
functional recovery.


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